Professional Activity

In terms of our partners’ qualifications and expertise, as well as that of our associates, the firm offers high-level and specialised legal and accountancy services in the following areas:

Tax Court Litigation

Thanks to the expertise of some of its professionals, the firm can offer litigation preparation and management support for tax disputes, whether for direct and indirect tax disputes, or for municipal tax disputes (IMU – TASI – TARSU).
Support during litigation once the administrative negotiations have broken down, with both Italian and local tax authorities, takes place through de-escalation tactics (e.g. opinion/demand letters, offer-in-compromise transactions) in order to avoid litigation, as well as full representation in court cases before any court, including at the highest levels (attorneys admitted before the Court of Cassation).
Some of our attorneys have highly specialised expertise in complex issues such as transfer pricing, EU VAT matters, extraordinary operations, and the like. Support in these matters is provided both at the pre-litigation and litigation stages.